• Dr Julian Scott is a fully qualified THX Video Professional (Levels 1 & 2). 

• Dr Scott has been an active member of AVForums.com and AVSForum.com since 2003 and gained much experience calibrating as an enthusiastic amateur. However, when the opportunity to take the UK’s first THX Video Professional Course (sponsored by AVForums and held at JVC House) came up in the summer of 2011 he jumped at the chance to improve his knowledge and experience and become a professional, passing both levels 1 and 2. 

Since he qualified Dr Scott has not only calibrated hundreds of TVs and projectors in the field he has also worked as THX Classroom Assistant to Gregg Loewen (Lead THX Video Standards Instructor and President of Lion Audio Video Consultants Inc.) in the delivery of the THX Professional Video Calibrators training course

Gregg Loewen (THX Lead Video Standards Instructor) & Dr Julian Scott (THX Classroom Assistant) at THX Video Professional Training Course, JVC House, London. 

(For more on the details of the THX Certified Professional Video Systems Calibration course look here).

Dr Scott’s THX certification:

• Dr Scott has experience calibrating all kinds of projectors and TVs from all the major manufacturers – JVC, Epson, Optoma, Pioneer, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony to name but a few! So have your TV or projector calibrated by DisplayCalibration.co.uk, confident in the knowledge that our calibrator is fully trained and equipped to get the very best from your display!