Positive customer experience is very important to us at DisplayCalibration.co.uk. We also understand that choosing the right calibrator can be a tricky task. You want to be confident that whomever you hire will do a great job! We therefore hope you will find the following genuine client testimonials helpful.

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 "Jules spent seven hours calibrating my new Philips TV, leaving me with daytime, evening and 3D profiles that are a joy to watch – the detail, balance and orderliness he has brought about are a revelation – and I’d already followed plenty of advice from people on forums. Jules explained everything he was doing, and I learned a great deal. I can honestly say: it isn’t a question of whether you should spend ‘the extra’ on calibration – the fact is, if you’re watching a set that hasn’t been calibrated, you’re watching nonsense, not what was committed to film." - Ben Ticehurst

 "As a keen movie enthusiast, it is all about watching something as the Director intended. With this in mind, using amateur equipment, I lost many hours of my life calibrating my TV to achieve the industry standard. Although much improvement, I could see the colours were still wide of the mark and I had run out of options but to call in the professionals. After much research and reading of reviews, I decided to go with Displaycalibration.co.uk. Dr Julian Scott booked me in for the following week. Am I glad I took the professional route – I can’t tell you in words the magic he performed. I really didn’t expect the results to be so good – I knew my TV set was capable of a fantastic picture but I wasn’t prepared for the fabulous results I got. He provided me with different settings depending on environment and they make the picture look deep, vibrant and clear with so much pop to them almost creating a 3D effect. All I can say is…absolutely worth it and a very nice guy." - Phil Samuel, owner of a Panasonic G20